An overview of the published news articles

Plenary Session: Data, a Healthtech Bonanza

Jef Hooyberghs, Research Manager at VITO, gave his presentation 'A citizen-driven ecosystem for personal health data' at the Life-on-Chip Conference 2022.

Belgians know relatively little about the data relating to their health

Almost one Belgian in every two does not understand what it meant by ‘health data’ and has never heard of an electronic medical or patient record.

Article Healthskouts

On REAL real world data and the digital tools required to capture them

Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen

Rewatch the live show

Article De Tijd

Flanders sets up data vault service with father of the Internet

These are the supported COOCK projects call 2021

COOCK projects (Collectieve Kennisverspreiding en Collectief Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling) aim to transfer knowledge and technology recently developed by research institutions to a wide group of companies.

Launch event DigiSoc

On Tuesday 26 October 2021, we officially launched the KU Leuven Digital Society Institute (DigiSoc) with a hybrid event.

Data Fair | FAIR data in healthcare

On Tuesday 19 October, POM Limburg's Data Fair takes place at UCLL, at Diepenbeek Campus.

VITO press release

Flanders invests in platform for secure data sharing

Opinion paper

'Give citizens and patients control over their data'